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All About Saltwater Aquariums

Bio-Reef has been bringing the beauty of the world's oceans and seas to homes and offices in Northeast Florida for more than a decade.

Be sure to take a look at our portfolio of aquariums and note the quality, cabinetry, aquascaping and sea life our clients enjoy.

Our Warehouse/Showroom is open to the public and offers everything to set up and maintain a beautiful, healthy aquarium. Bio-Reef has knowledgeable employees with years of experience in the industry.

We will help you select compatible fish, advise you of their food requirements and assist you in assembling a conducive environment for your fish pets.

Don't miss out on a great deal, check out our specials, which are updated weekly on this site. Click here for this week's specials.
While supplies last-no rain checks
Also unannounced in store specials

NE Florida's ONLY Exclusive Saltwater Aquarium Store & Largest Coral Collection / Selection

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We have a new some of the hottest limited edition corals out right now.

We Have Four 4'x4' Coral Display Tanks Which are now filled to the top with corals.

All ORA SPS Corals In Stock...
Aussie Scloymia Brains $175-$375
Exotic Zoa's $10-$50 frags
New "multicolor" Indo Chalice Colonies In stock
Florida Ricordia Over 150 In Stock...
Crocea Clams Starting at $49.95


NEW Ecoxotic Stunner strips and panorama pro in stock, all colors and sizes.

SPS South Pacific Sunlight MH bulbs In Stock
Reeflux and Coralvue Bulbs In Stock

Aussie Palys, Chalice, Favias, Knuckle Coral,
Gold and Green Leptastrea, AAA Grade Acans

Many varieties of captive bread clowns in stock, too many to list!

Rod's Food In Stock... We carry the complete line of foods Rod's. If you haven't tried it yet your missing out!!

New Koralia Evoulution Powerheads in Stock...
Nano 245GPH
Nano 450GPH
Evolution 750GPH
Evolution 1050GPH
Evolution 1400GPH

JBJ Artic Chiller, 1/4hp........$739.95
JBJ 1/3 Chiller....$809.95
JBJ 1/2 Chiller....$1029.95
JBJ 1/10 Chiller...$539.00
JBJ 1/15 Chiller...$399.00

reverse Osmosis 4 stage, 100gpd with DI..$169.95

Reef Crystals 50 Gal BG $19.95
Reef Crystal 200 Gal Box $69.95
Reef Crystals 160 Gal Bucket $64.95
Instant Ocean 50 Gal BG $17.95
Instant Ocean 160 Gal Bucket $59.95
Oceanic 200 Gal Bucket $69.95
Coralife 50 Gal BG $17.95
Coralife 150 Gal Box $45.00
D&D H2Ocean 156 Gal Salt Bucket $89.95